First came an idea – “Build a fast Katana”

I get obsessed easily.

Sometimes that gets in the way of the things I’m probably supposed to do, sometimes it drives me onto things that I wouldn’t reasonably have expected to achieve.

When I went to the Spa Bikers Classic in 2013, I became obsessed.

I love racing motorcycles, I love racing history, I love endurance racing, and it turns out, seeing all that brought together under the warm star filled sky of Spa in July 2013 flicked a switch in my head that could only be turned off by taking part.

Taking part needed a bike.

The following posts of the Spa Katana blog are about the bike I built (as of 2014, I can tell you this with some surety!). The thinking, the building, the parts, the spending (groan) and not least, the huge amount of help and inspiration from people much cleverer than me to get it done.

Hopefully this blog ends up with a journey to the grid at Spa on 5/6 July 2014 (I already know the answer!) and we have not only a fabulous looking Katana at the end of the journey, but a race finish to celebrate.

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