So, I had this little “chat” with a Policeman….

Our first podcast! (the embedded Podcast player is at bottom of post)

Whilst dropping off some new stock of V2 Sponges to BikeSafe London, I pulled up a chair and had a coffee with long time Met Police Motorcyclist and BikeSafe London co-ordinator Sgt Mick Cheeseman.

The questions I asked:

  1. Does the ever harder Bike Licence test actually make better riders?
  2. Have you ever been surprised at the lack of skills shown to you on a BikeSafe training day?
  3. What are the aims of BikeSafe?
  4. Is there a point at which Motorcyclists don’t need to learn any more?
  5. Does riding on track perform a role in enhancing skills?
  6. Have you ridden an Electric bike – and what do you think of them?
  7. London; what are the specific problems for bikers?
  8. The Law; what’s coming next we should look out for as bikers?
  9. Mind Control – what would you make car drivers do!?
  10. Mind Control – what would you make bikers do!?

Mick, like all the BikeSafe team, like to be thought of as bikers first and policemen second. I can’t deny that the passion for motorcycles, and for sharing potentially life saving skills are obvious in abundance amongst their team.

To learn more about Bikesafe London, or to book a course checkout their website:

If you book a ride, you’ll probably also get a free V2 Sponge in your goody bag!