Jane Omorogbe – V2 Sponge User

Naturally I like anyone that uses Visorvision products, it’s how I pay my mortgage and feed the dog. I made a gentle enquiry about doing the No Budget Cup earlier in the year, and all roads led to Jane Omorogbe, now a resident of Belgium and enjoying life with her other half Renaud, who happens to be the organiser of the No Budget cup series.

You may remember Jane was the leading candidate to replace Suzi Perry at the BBC to lead their MotoGP coverage, and is also an Ex Gladiator (Rio) from the earlier incarnation of the show. A bit more than a keen biker for many years now, she’s a racer, a journalist and damn good fun. I’d say she also wears the biggest smile in motorcycling!

Jane O gets tough with SV650 in the No Budget Cup!

Anyway, with my Visorvision e-mail address clearly aligning me with Visorvision, and thus the V2 Sponge, the conversation about the No Budget Cup became a 2 way thing, and it turned out Jane O had been a user and a fan of the V2 Sponge for ages!

I asked Jane to stick a few answers to some questions about the product and her riding in general, and being a darling, she obliged – Jane’s Q&A  answers herewith:

1) How long have you been using the V2 Sponge?
I’ve been using the V2 sponge ever since I can remember. I don’t recall who introduced me to it, but I do know we always took a pack or two on our trips to France for those evening rides to restaurants with pesky mosquitoes ! 
2) What’s the best thing about it?
The best thing about it is its size, it fits in pockets and bum bags. And of course, the fact that the sponge stays wet in the bag. Ideal when you’ve forgotten to run it under the tap again. 
3) What’s the strangest place you’ve used it?
Strangest place I’ve used it? The African Desert . . .  it was my best ally in removing humongous bugs from my visor under the gaze of the Atlas Mountains.
4) What was the last thing you learnt about riding motorcycles?
Last thing I learnt about riding bikes . . I ride a lot, but my adventure from Lisbon to Marrakesh on a Super Tenere reminded me that no matter how many miles I cover, I will never, ever get tired of being a biker. That, and highsides hurt!
5) MotoGP or WSB?
This year, WSB most definitely. 
6) Ok then Haslam or Biaggi?
7) And finally, if you could get all the world’s bikers together in one place, and say just one thing to them, what would it be?
Ride it more!

It remains just to say thanks to Jane for being a darling, and of course if you want to do the No Budget Cup, which comes highly recommended by yours truly, then take a look at their 2 websites depending on your preference.

for the UK series in 2011 – www.nobudgetcup.co.uk

for the Belgian series – www.nobudgetcup.be