1998 R1 – the best colour; Blue or Red and White?

Owners of these blather on about this forever and a day. As the owner of a Red and White version, I have noticed the Blue owners are always the ones saying that their colour is better.

So, as a definitive end to the argument, here is a specially commissioned Visorvision image.


Red & White, or Blue?

As you can see, as “nice” as the blue ones are, they’re really not a patch on the red and white. If you think of a 98 R1, it’s a red and white one, yes? There you go, that’s because it’s better. 🙂

If you can’t see the image animating between the 2 colour versions, then click on the image and it may open in a new window, it should then animate. If that still doesn’t work, then rub your tummy and tap the top of your head 3 times (Be sure to write in and tell us if that didn’t work either)

Red and white, is dynamite.